Use Google+ From Your Mac Menu Bar

Written by Kevin

Tab for Google+ allows you to view your Google+ streams, profile information, notifications, friend circles, and photos from your Mac menu bar

With Google+ quickly on the rise it’s only natural that we start seeing more desktop apps arrive to streamline our social networking habits. With that being said, FIPLAB has developed a Mac App that will access your Google+ account from the menu bar and without the use of a browser. This is very similar to the Facebook Mac Menu bar we wrote about a few months back.

The Mac app is called Tab for Google+, and with a single click gives you the ability to view your stream, profile information, notifications, friend circles, and photos.

I’m almost positive there will be more apps like this to come, hopefully maybe even an official one from Google¬†them self. I would love to see something that would alert you on the dock or via Growl when you have a new¬†notification waiting.

This handy little app is currently free and you will notice a few advertisements within the bottom of the app but nothing too distracting. It’s definitely worth it for a free app (works with Lion too!)

Tab for Google+ Download it now

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  • That’s neat. I agree, I’d love to see something from Growl or Google itself that notifies you when you have something new to see on G+.

  • How can I join Google+? I’m curious to join and I tried before but I couldn’t get an invite?