Transfer files between iOS and OS X with Instashare

Written by Kevin

Ever wanted to transfer a picture or file to your iPhone or iPad from your Mac without connecting it iTunes? Of course this idea isn’t something new, people have been using services like Dropbox and Google Drive to do this for years but we just recently came across a new app that will allow you to transfer files between your Mac and iOS devices without having to use iTunes or any third party cloud service. Instashare transfers any file you choose to your devices via a local WI-FI or Bluetooth connection, this similar to Apple’s AirDrop feature for their desktops (AirDrop gives you the ability to transfer files between Mac’s on the same local network but not iOS devices).

Unlike Dropbox and most of the other cloud services currently available, Instashare transfers the file directly to the device or computer it’s paired to. You will not have to wait for the file to upload to a server and then wait for the device to go out and download the file from said server.

Instashare is currently free for Mac and iOS, with an Android and Windows version currently in-development. The iOS version is ad-supported but a small payment of 99 cents you can remove them permanently.

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