Burn An ISO in Mac OS X

Written by Kevin

Burn an ISO or DMG image without any third party software on Mac OS X

Disk Utility is here to the rescue, this built-in Mac application, which you can find in your Utility folder (or by searching ‘Disk Utility’ in Spotlight) allows you to burn an ISO without the need of any third-party software.

First, locate the ISO that you wish to burn and make sure you know it’s location on your computer so you can insert it into Disk Utility and follow the steps below:

  • Open the Disk Utility app, you can find it in /Applications/Utilities/ or do a spotlight search
  • Open the File menu from the menu bar, then select Open Disk Image (or press Option Key + Command + O)
  • Find the ISO you want to burn, select it, and hit OK
  • If you haven’t yet go ahead and insert a blank disk (make sure the disc size is bigger then the ISO so it can fit)
  • Now click on burn

Depending on the size of the ISO and the speed of your CD/DVD drive (older Mac’s typically have slower drives) it may take some time to finish. These steps can also be used if you wish to burn a DMG file to a CD/DVD as well.

Disk Utility is a wonderful default Mac app that can also be used to create partitions, format drives, and create disc images.

NOTE: These steps should be almost identical on all versions of OS X, if you notice something different leave us a comment below.

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