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TinyChat for iOS Allows Video Chat With 12 Facebook Friends

Written by Kevin

TinyChat is a free group video chat app for the iPhone and there is an HD version for those iPad users out there.

We recently discussed Facebook releasing its own standalone messenger app last week and now we bring you an iOS app that will allow you to video chat with your Facebook friends. Rumor has it that Facebook is planning to incorporate a video chat capability to their site in the near future but until then we have TinyChat.

TinyChat is a free app for the iPhone and an HD version for those iPad users out there. Using this app couldn’t be easier, once you launch the app you just have to connect to your Facebook account by entering your credentials. The absolute best feature of this app is it’s ability to handle multiple video chat sessions at once. Yes, with TinyChat you can infact video chat with up to 12 of your friends at once! The way it works is you create a chat room and invite your friends to join.

We must warn you the video quality isn’t top notch, after personally testing the app, but that is a given if your pulling in 12 video chat connections at once. While you are video chatting there is a area to enter text comments as well. Like a normal chat room or video chat session the person who creates the room is the one who has the ability to add more users or remove current users.

This is a great video chat app that is sure to make it even easier to video chat with your friends and loved one’s. Heck you could even have a family reunion with this given all of your family has iOS devices! We will be on the look out for the upcoming Facebook video chat functionality that is sure to hit the web shortly!

Get TinyChat from the iTunes App Store here

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  • is this the same thing as the facetime thing that they have on the ipad/iphone/mac?

  • That’s great. Better than what Skype is offering right now cos it’s free!

  • Beat that, Skype!

    No wonder they said that Skype and Facebook are trying to complete. Beat that, Skype!