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Attach your iPad to your iMac or desk

Written by Kevin

The HoverBar allows you to hang your iPad next to any iMac, Apple display, or desk for easy viewing and multi-tasking.

Some stands just don’t do justice if you are looking to have your iPad at eye level with your monitor. Whether it’s to compare data, use the iPad as an external monitor, or even watch a movie while you are working the HoverBar is a must-have accessory.

I have been guilty of trying to prop my iPad up with books and magazines in order to get it to stand next to my iMac so I can watch a movie or TV show while doing other various tasks on my iMac. Most of the time it ended poorly with my iPad crashing down. I have always been a big fan of the work TwelveSouth has done with their Apple accessories, so as soon as I found out they were releasing iPad mounting arm I was thrilled.

The HoverBar allows you to hang your iPad next to any iMac or Apple display with an L-shaped stand. Don’t have an iMac? No worries it also attaches to most desks. If you plan on attaching it to a desk I suggest scoping out some reviews or pictures on Amazon or the TwelveSouth website to get a better idea if it will work for you.

The HoverBar’s latest version fits both the iPad 2 and the new iPad. It will run you $79.99 and you can pick it up from TwelveSouth directly or from Amazon.com.

Check it out in action in the kitchen:

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