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The Best Mail App For iOS

Written by Kevin

The alternative to Apple Mail you’ve been waiting for.

The built-in Mail app on my iPhone has never been enough for me. While it can do the job if you are looking for a basic mail client I’ve always desired something that can do a bit more and Airmail does just that.

3D Touch, Unified inbox and Custom Actions

3D Touch, Unified inbox and Custom Actions

Airmail is an, advanced yet, easy to use mail app for your iPhone or iPad (they have a Mac version as well). In many cases apps on iOS are dumbed down versions of their Mac counterparts. You will get most of the features but usually not all of them due to having less screen real estate to work with. Airmail on the other hand is quite the opposite and is on a mission to be as great as its Mac cousin.

Snooze / Send Later

Airmail has a lot of the same features we have grown to love from the default iOS mail app and the late Mailbox app like quick swiping and the ability to snooze messages so you can be reminded of them at a later date. I can’t tell you how great that is. I’ve been in situations where I have time to check my email but not necessarily reply to them (like standing in line in Subway). I simply snooze the message so that it returns to my inbox in a few hours or maybe even the next day.

Some emails simply don’t need a response the day it arrives. I’ve snoozed things like party invites to the day before the RSVP is due, or bill reminders to the due date of the bill.

Unsubscribe From Spam

The one click unsubscribe button is worth the price of this app alone. Spam is a never ending pain in the rear but with Airmail I can now hit the unsubscribe button and rid it from my life within seconds.

Protect Your Email

Touch ID integration is another feature I wish Apple would of incorporated into its own mail app. I’ve had my kids accidentally delete mail on me when they are using my phone. Well now with Touch ID protection in Airmail they can’t even get to my mailbox.

Smart Folders and Saved Searches

When performing a search, you can tap the smart folder icon next to the search bar to save the current search as a folder in the sidebar. You can do this based on a specific recipient or even a phrase like “newsletters” or “Twitter”. I’ve added my wife as a smart folder so that any email from her is easily accessible with a single click from the sidebar.

iCloud Sync

Apple Watch App

Apple Watch App

Ever setup your email on your iPhone then go to your iPad only to have to type in everything all over again or how about when you get a new phone and have to repeat the setup process again? This problem is solved with Airmail’s iCloud sync. All of your mail accounts and settings are saved in iCloud so that when you go to use Airmail on a new device all you have to you do is enable iCloud sync and watch everything appear as it was on your last device. Everything single setting, from the color of your labels to your smart folders, and saved searches are all stored within the iCloud sync. It’s little time savers like this that make me appreciate Airmail even more.

I could go on and on discussing all the other things I like about this app but why don’t you just take my word for it and give it a try. I rarely give the title of “best app” to anything on Tech Heavy so that has to mean something right?!

Everything Else

  • Apple Watch app with glance and interactive notifications
  • Read receipts
  • Schedule sent messages
  • iPad multitasking
  • Create sketches with your finger directly in the body of the email
  • Attach files that are stored in Dropbox, Google Drive,, Droplr or OneDrive to emails
  • Send emails directly to Evernote, Clear, Parcel, Pocket, Things, Todoist, Fantastical and many others
  • Keyboard shortcuts if you are using a smart keyboard

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