Display the Weather and Temperature in Your Menu Bar

Written by Kevin

View your locations current temperature with ease from your menu bar, and also check the forecast for the upcoming week with this handy Mac application.

We previously showed you how to display the your Mac’s IP address in your OS X menu bar, and now this new little plugin will give you the ability to add the local weather and temperature stats to that same location.  It goes by the name of Meteorologist and it is a very low priority application that will not consume large portions of your RAM memory (yay!) and conveniently enough it stays out of your way by sitting in the menu bar at all times (in the settings you can choose to place it on your dock instead if you prefer).

The best part about this app is that you can not only see the current temperature but when you click on the app itself you have to ability to grab some detailed info about the location like Humidity, Visibility, UV index and more. All of this information is being pulled directly from

The Extended Forecast menu allows you to view the forecast for the upcoming three days:

Another neat feature is the ability to have multiple cities in the drop menu like the screenshot below shows:

I expected something with all of these options to cost a few bucks but the developers are currently not charging for this app so you can use it for free! I use this all of the time now and have removed my Weather widget on my Mac dashboard as I can view the temperature without having to even click a single button or be redirected to a website.

Download the app now for free!

UPDATE: Here is a screenshot for of the Preferences panel as some of you in the comments section have requested.

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  • what does the settings look like? do you mind posting a screen of that for me? just want to check it all out before i install

  • That’s great for those who always have their eye on the weather (no pun intended)! It’s also good that it doesn’t consume lots of RAM. Gotta love good quality open source software!