Control Your iTunes From Mac Menu Bar

Written by Kevin

myTunesControl is a free menu bar remote controller. Navigate your iTunes library and control your current song all from the menu bar.

Throughout the last few years I have discovered numerous iTunes controllers or mini-players, all of which attempt to make it easier to control your music while staying, for the most part, out of sight. With these handy apps usually comes a price tag and while I’m all for supporting developers not everyone can (you college kids). That’s why today I have decided to tell you about an iTunes controller which is 100% free!

myTunesControl is a great Mac app that allows you to remote control your iTunes from your desktop. You can navigate through your playlists and search your library all through it’s tiny┬áinterface. The features don’t stop there, you can also display song lyrics, set the audio EG, and rate the current track your listening too.

myTunesControl is unique in the sense that you don’t need to open iTunes first in order for it to work. If your iTunes isn’t open and you hit play within the app it will open iTunes automatically for you.

Each of the controls like Lyrics and EQ open up in a separate window so you will need to hit the red ‘X’ when your done adjusting the EQ or finished reading the lyrics. Also, it’s important to note that the lyrics will only appear if you have them setup within iTunes.

You can begin your search by clicking on the icon next to the playlist name, the screenshot below will explain this better. You can scroll down and view your playlists or simply type within the search bar at the top to find what your looking for.

myTunesControl is free and the developer has stated it will continue to be free. It will run on any Mac running OS X 10.6.4 or later (including Lion!). Be sure to check out MOApp’s other goodies at their website

Download myTunes Control here!

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  • It’s interesting their taking a leaf from Panasonic – I wonder if Apple is partnering up with Panasonic (or stealing the idea from them at least)

  • Whoa that is totally awesome! I love how Apple is totally integrating itself!