Use Chrome Extension To Download And Embed Facebook Videos

Written by Kevin

This handy Chrome extension allows you to download any Facebook hosted video, or the option to embed a Facebook Video into another website.

UPDATE: It appears this app has been removed from the Google App Store, if you are still looking for something similar to this then try Flash Video Downloader for Google Chrome

In most cases, you don’t need to worry about downloading a video that is shared via Facebook because 9 out of 10 times people use YouTube and it’s easily accessible to share. But if you happen to have a buddy who prefers uploading their videos with Facebook Video Uploader, then downloading that video for your own viewing pleasure is going to take a little more work. To solve this problem we bring you the Facebook Video Downloader Chrome extension, which gives you a new download option in the sidebar and lets you download videos in high or low quality, embed them and convert them to MP3, all within your Chrome web browser.

To download a Facebook video just install the extension and then re-open the video into a new tab (or window), by doing this you should now see the new share options below the video. Choose between high or low quality, clicking one of these options will prompt a pop-up like the one shown in the screenshot above. To get the download going simply right click the “Download This Video” link in the pop-up and choose Save link as… (see screenshot below)

You will then be asked to specify where you want to save the file.

NOTE: You may not see the the option for a high quality download if the video was uploaded in low quality to begin with.

So you don’t want to download the video but rather embed it in another website?  This can be done by clicking on the “Embed Video” link, prompting another pop-up with the HTML code for the video, you can then copy and paste the code into any page you wish.


The final feature of Facebook Video Downloader gives you the ability to convert a Facebook video into an MP3 file. When clicking on the “convert Video to MP3” you will sent to a third-party website ( to complete this process.

Facebook Video Downloader is currently free and available in the Chrome web store via this link.

UPDATE: It appears this app has been removed from the Google App Store, if you are still looking for something similar to this then try Flash Video Downloader for Google Chrome

Update: Check out our post here if you need an app for downloading YouTube videos.

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  • This is handy, do you know of anything like this that downloads videos from YouTube?

  • Similar to Mark’s question.. but what about videos hosted on sites like Vimeo or daily motion? Is there something we can use to download those?

  • Wow that’s really easy to use. If the videos are taken/shared from YouTube, do we have to go directly to YouTube and download it or can we just take it straight from Facebook?

  • Great, now I can embed the videos on Facebook on my blog as well. At least I don’t have to do double jobs to post them on few sharing sites before I can use it on my blog. Like lain, I do wonder about Youtube videos as well.

  • I tried with Youtube video on Facebook. I try to do right click and save as and then nothing happens.

  • I think it’s picky with what I it wants to work with. I tried with Youtube video not working either.

  • Good addition to a growing menu of Chrome extensions. However, I prefer to have one single downloading apps which can be use for all videos irrespective of where is the video coming from…I mean a universal downloader extension.

    I am then calling Chrome to get a universal downloader ASAP!

    • Kamal, you are right it has been removed from the app store, sorry about this, I updated the post with a program that is very similar, give it a shot.