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Written by Kevin

Ever need to open multiple links from one single page without leaving the page? A new Chrome extension gives us the ability to do that with a simple drag…

Ever need to open multiple links from one single page without leaving the page? A new Chrome extension gives us the ability to do that with a simple drag and click motion of your mouse.

In this post modern era flexibility is desired in every aspect of the work we do. Tabbed browsing has been an awesome feature and has given us the ability to do more while not taking up any screen space. You may be familiar with the current convenient keyboard command to open a link up in a new tab without losing the current page (Hold ‘Control’ and then click on the link), well LinkClump for Chrome takes this process one step further.  By enabling this extension you can select multiple links by dragging your mouse, with the right mouse button held down, across them and as soon as you lift your finger off the right mouse button all of the links you selected will instantly open up in new tabs within your Chrome browser.

I installed this extension last month and have been testing it out and have found it functions best when I am on Google search result pages. I do a lot of Google searches whether I’m researching something for an article or trying to find a solution to a programming issue, I almost never find the answer from just clicking one search result, and usually a few of them will grab my eye. With LinkClump I can open as many links on the page at once and then parse through the tabs to find what I am looking for, rather then opening and closing each link individually.

LinkClump’s default settings have the dragging function set for the right-click button but you can always change this after you have installed it. You can also change how the links open, by default it is within tabs, but you can also have them open in new windows if you so choose. A really neat feature is that LinkClump will notice text links as well as actual html hyperlinks and I even tested it with image maps and it picked up those links as well!

So whether it’s links in a forum, google search results, craigslist or ebay links, you can save some time by using LinkClump to open multiple links.

Check out the video below for LinkClump in action:

LinkClump is free and only available as a Google Chrome Extension. Download it now!

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  • This is probably a stupid question – but what if you just wanted to highlight something? Can it tell the difference between highlighting and opening links?

    • Yes, when your highlighting your typically using the left click and with this extension your using the right-click. So unless you change the default button within this app to a left-click you should be fine!

  • Hi,
    I want to open multiplt urls of history as there are lot of websites I browsed before tof ind out which are my right URLs which I need. So can I use the link clump for that or please advice me if I can get that by any other way.