Automatically Rotate Open Tabs In Chrome

Written by Kevin

A Chrome extension that changes tabs after a time interval specified by the user

Lately, I’ve been on a roll with these sweet Chrome extensions that I have found. Today I bring to you Revolver Tabs, which automatically switches between each of your open tabs in Google Chrome. Why in the world would you need this you might ask? Say you have two monitors and on one monitor you’re working on some sort of document and on the other monitor you need to monitor various live reports for web traffic or stats of a several websites, well without having to navigate through these tabs manually you can turn on Revolver Tabs and the tabs will change instantly for you.

In fact, not all websites are meant to be browsed, sometimes users just want to monitor one specific page, and an example of this would be sports scores. Say you have two different sports games on at the same time that you want to monitor while still working on something else. Well, you can either sit at the screen and manually change the tabs with your mouse or activate Revolver and have it alternate between the two windows every few seconds or minutes while not having to touch a thing.

Revolver Tabs has several other neat settings, like to only begin tab switching when Chrome has been inactive for 15 seconds, or you can enable it to refresh a tab on each load, this feature will ensure each time the tab comes to front, it’s showing the latest content.

When you activate Revolver only the tabs in that particular Chrome window will rotate, any other open Chrome windows will not be affected.

This extension can be useful to all of you sports fans, stock brokers, or any IT administrators that use multiple monitors to ensure that fresh content is always being displayed.

Revolver Tabs is a free Chrome extension available here.

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  • I don’t see a use for that personally, but I can see how other people could use it (eg stock brokers) so this extension of rotating tabs in Chrome would definitely be useful for them.

  • Another addition to the growing list of available Chrome extensions…I am sure this can be useful for some people.

  • I have been using this plugin for a few weeks now and it is fantastic for watching sports. Its great when you are watching the game on TV, but also want to check the scores of other games quickly. Its not necessary, but I enjoy it at gametime.