14 Wallpapers From Mac OS X Lion Preview

Written by Kevin

Download the Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview Wallpapers with high resolutions of 3200×2000.

The Mac OS X Lion Dev Preview 3 was released to developers about two weeks ago and along with the latest update came a handful of new high resolution wallpapers at 3200×2000.

I overlooked this last week so that’s why I’m posting this a bit late compared to some other publications but I would like to give 9to5 Mac a shout out for discovering this and supplying us with a link to download the wallpapers.

Download the 14 Wallpapers

Here are a few examples (the rest are in the download file):

With this new wallpaper come more rumors of Apple preparing to release higher resolution displays, as none of their current displays handle a 3200×2000 resolution. Let the guessing games begin.

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