Theft Tracking For Your Mac

Written by Kevin

Hidden is theft tracking software for Mac OS X that helps you recover your stolen Mac

Hidden is a theft tracking app for Mac OS X that helps you recover your stolen computer (Macbook, Air, Pro, iMac, basically ANY Mac OS X machine). Hidden initially stays inactive on your Mac until you report it stolen via the Hidden website, and once it is identified as stolen the tracking software becomes available. During stolen mode, Hidden will gather all kinds of information regarding your missing computer, including location using Google Maps, photos of the culprit via the built-in iSight camera (that is if it has a camera), screenshots of your Mac while in use, IP addresses, and more.

The developers thought ahead and created a ‘Test Mode’ which allows you to test out its efficiency yourself through their web panel.  This feature is great because it can give you an idea of how the application collects data and the type of data it gathers. Hidden is said to work all around the world, so whether you’re in New York or Russia you’ll be able to take advantage of the app.

The key to using Hidden is setting up and enabling a separate password free Guest account on your Mac. This is contrary to the usual Mac security recommendations but you actually want the thief to be using the computer so that you can gather information about them. Providing all of this data to your local authorities can actually make it easier to catch your culprit.

Hidden started out free to all users but has since been given a price of $15 for a single license. Hidden works with OS X 10.5 and above. You can find more information as well as purchasing information on the Hidden website located here.

Check out the video below to see Hidden in use!

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  • Whoa, that is simply amazing! Do you know if you can use this for other Mac products, or is this just for the computers right now?

  • This is a very good app for tracking purposes. I think this app should be available in other Os as well. I would be happy to have this around in my Mac.