Take a Picture of Yourself Everyday and Turn it into a Movie

Written by Kevin

Take a picture of yourself every day then turn those pictures into a time lapse video. Watch yourself change, just like a real person.

This crafty iPhone App called, EveryDay, encourages you to take a picture of yourself everyday for a extended period of time (a week, a month, a year, etc) and then turns the photos of you into a movie. This concept is pretty neat because it can actually show you how you change over time, the more photos you have over a longer period of time the better your movie will be.

The way it works is you can have the app set a reminder for you to take a daily picture, and then you line up your face with an adjustable grid, and take the photo. EveryDay will collect all of your photos and allow you to turn them into a movie just like the YouTube video below. Watch the preview video below to get an idea of how it works, near the end you’ll see how the final product turns out.

The app is available within the iTunes App Store for $1.99. You can learn more about the EveryDay app by visiting the developer’s website here or go straight to the iTunes store via the link here.

Here are some examples of the app’s interface:

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  • Is it me, or is that guy always eating something? haha

    But seriously I can see why some people may use the Everyday application… if you can fit two people into the photo it might make a nice romantic gift as well.

    • Yes, it would be romantic if the app also caters to two people. it would be romance and love against the onslaught of time and on the plane (I hope) of graceful aging. I like this app actually as it would always remind me the passing time and nothing is permanent but change.

  • This is just like making a history of your own. Or maybe just like recording personal memories through time. Definitely, we are watching changes happening especially the facial features. I am just afraid that everyday I will be reminded that I am getting older lol. Nice app.