Sync Multiple iOS Devices at Once with New Cables

Written by Kevin

New adapters will let you sync multiple iOS devices at once, some can even charge both at once.

These days the amount of iOS devices is increasing ever so rapidly, with last year being the dawn of the iPad it’s hard not to think what might be next. While I am all for additional iOS devices on the market one problem seems to remain…How the heck am I going to charge all of these at the same time?! I could have all of my USB ports taken up by 3 different Apple USB cables if I own an iPad, iPod and iPhone, and not only is that a lot of cabling but it makes my desk a tangled nightmare.

Luckily, I discovered this dual-link USB cable this morning to help ease this annoyance. These adapters will now that let you sync multiple iOS devices at once (the more expensive one said to even dual charge).

Here are some examples of dual link cables you can buy:

  • duaLink Dual Sync/Charge Cable for iPod and iPhone (Amazon / CableJive) for $25.95
  • XTG Dual iPhone / iPod Splitter Cable (Amazon) for $6.69

While these are useful if you’re juggling a handful of iOS devices it is important to know the XTG cable will not charge both devices at the same time. The problem with the XTG Dual iPhone Splitter is it will sync an iPad but not charge it due to the iPad’s increased power requirements.  Please read the descriptions and comments from past buyers before committing to a specific cable.

If you don’t mind only charging one device at a time while syncing both, the cheaper XTG cable could your perfect solution.

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  • That’s neat! I’ve had some issues with hubs though – I went around looking everywhere for a decent hub port for my macbook pro but every one of them that I bought didn’t work. Will this still happen if I use these types of cables?