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USB Wall Outlet Options

Written by Kevin

We cover two options to add USB ports to your existing wall outlets.

It seems like with every mobile device we have these days the other end of the cord contains a USB connection, so it’s fitting that we are now starting to see new power outlets and adapters appear on the market. I can’t tell you how many times I have lost my USB power plug (seen on the right) for my

iPhone or my wife’s Kindle, and I dislike using my laptop to charge my phone since it takes so bloody long.

All that has changed now that I discovered the RCA Wall Plate, this handy little fella will plug into your existing standard outlet turning it into a fully functional USB charging station.


Option 1 – Wall Plate

$19.99 a piece on Amazon

The RCA Wall Plate will charge multiple devices at once including cameras, cell phones, and tablets.

I can leave this in the outlet at all times and not fumble around with other AC adapters. This is a quick fix but if you feel like going all out you can always replace your entire outlet with one that contains built in USB ports, as you can see in option 2 below.

Option 2 – Full Outlet Replacement

You can pick up one of these from OWC for $27.99 a piece.

Be sure you do your research before buying and installing Option 2, these new outlet devices are normally longer and wider then your existing outlet, so make sure it will fit. We are not responsible if you burn down your house or shock your tits off because you didn’t investigate before installing!

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