Uninstall Software via Right Click in Windows

Written by Kevin

Menu Uninstaller lets you remove programs directly from right-click menu.

When you typically think of uninstalling a program in Windows 7 the first thing that comes to mind is the Control Panel.  Well navigating to this location is more than a few clicks away and frankly is pretty time consuming if you are testing hundreds of applications a week like we do.

We dug up a more convenient way to uninstall applications without having to open Add or Remove Programs each time. This nifty little application goes by the name of Menu Uninstaller and it lets you remove programs directly from the right-click menu.

All you must do is simply right-click on the applications shortcut and select the option ‘Uninstall’. The removal process will then be performed automatically, but don’t worry it will still ask you to confirm the uninstall so you don’t accidently delete a program by mistake.

Give it a shot and you will notice immediately after Menu Uninstaller is installed the ‘Uninstall’ option will appear within your right-click context menu.

Menu Uninstaller is available for Windows XP/Vista/7 for free via the developers site here.

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Kevin is the Founder and Senior Editor of Tech Heavy. When he isn't writing about the latest tech tools he spends his days working in an IT department in Dubuque, IA. @kevincray


  • That’s fantastic! It’s definitely way easier to use compared to going to the Control Panel!

  • Wow, now I don’t have to go the long way just to delete some no longer unwanted applicants. It is as easy as just a right click!

  • Would this be heavy on the XP? Sounds very easy, I used quite a lot of application like this and they sometimes screw up. Well, will definitely give it a try.

  • Although it would be very useful, but sounds very dangerous to me. I can’t imagine losing my expensive software if I accidentally right click on it and hitting Enter too fast.

  • I am using it now, although I have nothing to uninstall now. It’s good to keep for future tho as I always forget where is the Control Panel. I am not good in computer, learning it when I just turned 50.

  • Cool stuff! Do I have to activate it in order to use it? Or it will readily for use by just a right click whenever I wanted to?

  • I agree, using CP to unistall programs can be a tedious process. In an age of “instants”, this uninstaller application can be a very handy addition to one’s PC. I hope that this can be integrated into Firefox and Chrome add-ons later…

    This is all about quick convenience for all of us Windows users.

  • Just downloaded and installed this free LiezerSoft offering and it is working now in my PC. I am already tired of going to the Control panel to uninstall programs I don’t need. Menu Uninstaller spells convenience and easy navigation…Kevin you are always in touch with programs we can all use. Thanks, man!

  • Amazing! I will share this to my friends in Infinity Supreme Alliance…just great!