Pokki: Pin Web Apps To Your Taskbar

Written by Kevin

Pokki is software that allows you to pin websites to your Windows 7 taskbar as if they were actual programs.

It appears with the rise of all of these new cloud services we are forced to depend on our web browser more then ever. While I’m all for these new cloud services that help increase my productivity, I’m not ready to get rid of my desktop applications. With Pokki you can utilize all of your web services and cloud platforms within a desktop program state.

Pokki is a software application that allows you to pin websites to your Windows 7 taskbar as if they were actual programs. It is really a smooth program as it is built off of the chromium frame work. This also allows developers to build their own web apps for their sites or products.

At the moment there is only a select few that have been created to work with Pokki, Gmail, Tweeki (Twitter), Facebook, a RSS Feed Reader, LivingSocial, Groupie, Wall Street Journal, and eBay. But be rest assured they are actively working to bring more creative web apps to their platform in the coming months.

First you must download and install the Pokki base application, once this is complete you then must determine which web apps you would like to use and download them individually through Pokki. It is very similar to how Firefox and Chrome extensions work, you must download them and turn them on.

Below you can see a screenshot of what you will see when you are installing each of the individual web apps. In this example we installed Gmail.

Once Gmail is installed it will prompt you for your login info to grab your mail and display your unread mail count within the task bar icon. Viewing the application is as easy as clicking on the Gmail logo within your task bar.

Pokki is slowly picking up steam and has an ever growing fan base, so we encourage developers to stop by the Pokki website and grab the Pokki API so you can create your own web app for your site or service.

Here is how the Facebook interface looks:

Pokki is only available for Windows 7 at the moment, you can download it from here.

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