Lock Your PC Using a USB Drive

Written by Kevin

WinLockr is a portable app which provides you with extra security for your computer by disabling the mouse and keyboard until a specially modified USB drive is inserted.

I found this application to be very unique. Imagine locking your computer the same way you lock you home or your car, with a physical key, WinLockr does just that but with the key being a USB flash drive.

WinLockr is a portable app which provides you with extra security for your computer by disabling the mouse and keyboard until a specially modified USB drive is inserted. With WinLockr you can unlock your system simply by plugging in a USB flash drive, pretty cool huh? A neat fact about this application is even if a person had your password they still could not access your computer if WinLockr was enabled.

To begin the setup, go ahead and launch WinLockr, you will be prompted to create your initial password. Then plug in a USB drive and select the option to “Install on USB.” This will prepare the flash drive to act as a locking mechanism for your computer. When the USB drive is removed from the computer, the mouse and keyboard will be disabled and the screen will be locked.

WinLockr also has the ability to prevent your computer from being shutdown and therefore, prevents a restart, or log off when it is enabled.

This is the screen you will see when your computer is locked with WinLockr:

WinLockr is created to run on Windows XP/Vista/7 and is currently free to use, grab it here.

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  • If you use a USB Drive, does this mean that you can’t use it for anything else (ie it cant be used for multiple purposes)?

    • I think that the USB can still be use for other purposes as we do normally…the USB is just taken as a medium here for the program but not exclusively. Hope am right though…

  • Something new indeed! What is amazing with this security device is that the USB Drive acts like a key to the PC. Another addition to various choices we have on the market to protect the privacy and security of our computer.

    The only concern I have is the possibility of the USB Drive to get lost damaged…what then?

    • You are right, this is so useful. I am now using it so that nobody could ever enter my PC without my authorization…simply great!

  • Really unique, indeed! I just tried it yesterday and it is working fine with my PC. This is providing a very good and reliable way for protection and secure privacy. I will recommend this to all of my friends online. I now have my USB as my literal key to my computer.

  • This is something new…and can be really useful for people whose PC or laptop is exposed to other people…the USB is now acting as the key and password is even overridden. Good program…worth using.