Scale Images to Specific Size or Percent Quickly

Written by Kevin

PhotoScaler can easily scale any number of images to a specific size, without hassle.

If you work with images on the web, or within physical publications, chances are you have had to deal with adjusting their sizes to accommodate your needs. I have found in most cases I have needed to scale small images to larger sizes, which can be a difficult task if you want the image to maintain its original quality.

While there are advanced editing applications like Adobe Photoshop available to accomplish this with ease, not everyone wants to sell their first born child in order to be able to afford it. Not to mention these applications aren’t the easiest to maneuver if you don’t have experience with them already. So today I bring you a hassle-free alternative, PhotoScaler, which is a simple tool for scaling photos.

PhotoScaler comes with an assortment of options like color filters, width & height adjustments, the ability to scale multiple images at once. The color filters allow you to change the images intensity and brightness, as well as add sepia or gray scale tones.

Drag your images into the ‘Images:’ window and then select the scaling options you want. This is where you can adjust to a specific image size or percent.

Finally, click on ‘Scale’ to begin the process, before the actual scaling begins you will be asked to pick a location for the final image to be saved to. After the process is complete you will have two images the original untouched image and the scaled image. Check out the before and after images below:



PhotoScaler is wonderful app for anyone who is looking for a basic scaling application, not to mention is it available for free here!

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  • i’m surprised – although it does look a bit distorted, it doesn’t look that bad for an image that’s just been quickly re-scaled!

  • Looks like a great tool, I often run into problems where I try to upload a video to a site such as Fivver but its too big, this seems like it should completely eliminate that problem!

  • Yup, I just tried it and it works great 🙂 the quality suffers a bit, its hardly noticeable most of the time.