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Add Google Reader to Firefox or Chrome

Written by Kevin

Use browser extensions to view your Google Reader feeds.

The staff over here at Tech Heavy uses Google Reader, like a diabetic uses insulin, to keep up to date with tech news, celebrity gossip, and music news. The following extensions we are about to discuss will help you check your Google Reader feeds without having to open up a separate web page in your browser.

Google Reader for Firefox

While you can find a few different add-ons for this specific task we have found that GReader Panel is the best for displaying the Mobile Google Reader and managing RSS feeds within a pop-up panel. Firefox’s one click install makes this add-on a quick addition to your browser. After installation, it adds a small button on the bottom right corner of your browser. Clicking on this button opens Google Reader in a pop-up. This enables easy reading of articles without even having to go to the Google Reader website. You can view, add, edit subscriptions, collapse or expand folders, sort items, etc within this panel.

You can even access and alter your account settings from the same panel. Overall, it completely integrates Mobile Google Reader within a pop-up panel for your convenience. Unlike similar extensions of its kind, the panel is quite stable and does not pop-out if you click somewhere else.

GReader Panel works with Firefox 4.0b7 – 4.0.*, which means it is compatible with the latest Firefox 4 version.

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Google Reader for Google Chrome

Similar to Firefox, Google Chrome has its own extension store where you can get little plug-ins to enhance your web browsing experience. Unlike Firefox, Google has created its own extension of Google Reader for its browser. You can still find many third party Google Reader extensions in the Google Store but we recommend using the official app for maximum stability.

Once you have installed the extension you will see the Google Reader icon next to your search bar (check out the image below), simply click on the icon to view your feeds.

Google Reader by Google is available at the Chrome Web Store for free and works with the latest version of Chrome.

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