Find files & folders that take up the most hard disk space

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FolderVisualizer allows you to easily find space wasting files and folders. The free application analyzes your disk drives and shows you exactly which files and folders need most space on your disk.

I for one have a difficult time finding where largest files are stored within my system, and Windows 7 Search doesn’t always do the best job. I have recently turned to Ablessoft’s FolderVisualizer, which is a piece of software that allows you to easily identify files and folders that are taking up (aka wasting) hard disk space. It analyzes your disk and displays a widespread list of files and folders, in order to help you identify which files can be removed to free up disk space. You are able to view these results in various formats such as tables, graphs and pie charts.

Some of FolderVisualizer’s main features include finding wasted space, displaying the top 100 files and the file types which take up the most space. In addition it also shows statistics and charts about different types of files on your hard disk, and shows which files and folders need the most space. It can analyze both internal and external hard drives, including USB drives.

To get started with this program simply select a partition to analyze and click ‘Scan’. Alert: The scan could take a while depending on how many files you have.

The results from the scan will display a comprehensive list of files, folders and disk information. This info can be used to instantly identify unwanted files and folders, as well as space wasting data (you’re your Windows .old folder that may be consuming a lot of disk space if you have recently upgraded).

The content tab within FolderVisualizer displays the content of the folders, whereas the ‘File Types’ tab provides information regarding the nature of the files. You can click on any of the results to receive more in depth details. You can also get a list of the Top 100 files, in order identify the most space consuming files.

FolderVisualizer works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and is free, pick it up here!


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  • I think this is a common malady affecting all computers — that of unneeded files just wasting space. Without a way of telling us, it would really be hard to determine files which we can live without. FolderVisualizer is just the apt solution to help us properly manage files.