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Change a file to open with a specific app every time

Ever open up a file and it comes up in a different application then you wanted it to? Whether it’s an image that you want to view in Preview rather then Photoshop or a text file you want to open in Word rather then TextEdit. There is a fix for that.

You can change an individual files default application by doing the following from the Mac Finder:

  • From the Finder, select the file that you want to adjust
  • With the file selected hit Command+i to “Get Info” on the file (or right click on the file and select “Get Info”)
  • Click to expand the “Open with” section within that files info screen
  • From the pull down menu, select the application you want to open this specific file with (Avoid the Change All button, read below)
  • Close the Get Info window

Warning:  The steps above will only change the default behavior of that specific file. If you click the “Change All” button you will change that file types association across Mac OS X, causing all instances of that file to open in the application you chose. Example: If you want every single .jpg to open with Photoshop rather then Preview then click “Change All” otherwise only follow the above steps for changing that specific file.

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