Access Facebook Wall, Inbox, and More From Your Android Homescreen

Written by Kevin

Facebook Shortcuts will allow you to access Facebook app links like your wall, inbox, and newsfeed directly on the homescreen of your phone.

It’s no surprise we are seeing more and more Facebook related apps these days as the popular social network continues to grow, and it’s definitely showing no sign of fatique. Today we bring you an app that works hand-in-hand with the official Facebook Android app. Facebook Shortcuts will allow you to access those important menu’s within the Facebook app, essentially giving you your status updates and newsfeed info in even less clicks.

Now instead of having to open the Facebook Android App and then click on your inbox or your wall you can go directly to these places from your home screen with one touch.

Facebook Shortcuts gives you over 15 shortcut options, practically every menu link within the Facebook app is available for your phone’s desktop. It’s important to remember this app is only for Android, specificially version 1.6 and higher. If you bought a smartphone in the last year and a half you shouldn’t have to work about the version requirement. Also, be sure you have the official Facebook app or your shortcuts won’t be going anywhere!

Creating the shortcut itself is a simple process once you have downloaded the app from the link below, simply click and hold a blank section of your homescreen. When your personalize menu appears select ‘Shortcut’ and select the one that suits your needs.

Some of the shortcut options include:

  • Home
  • News Feed
  • Wall
  • Inbox
  • Notifications
  • Places
  • Birthdays
  • Events
  • Chat
  • & more!

I was even able to add all 17 of the shortcuts to HTC Evo 3D when testing the app without any issues.

Grab this handy app and save your figures from arthritis, download it now.

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