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Basketball Stars

Written by colton

While there are numerous basketball games currently on the App Store, Basketball Stars stands above the rest, with its variety of choices it will leave you playing for hours!

Basketball Stars gives you the ability to play several different of basketball related games with other users around the world. Create and accessorize your own character based on your liking. Buy and collect things such as outfits and other add-ons, that you can purchase using the in-game currency you earn while playing.

Game Modes

There is quite the variety of game modes. You can go one on one, try to dominate a shoot out or even compete in career mode. If you aren’t one to compete against others online you can always work on your shooting in practice mode.

One on One

In this mode you will play in real time against users around the world. You will choose the court you wish to play on, each court has an entry fee and a prize. The bigger the prize the more shots you will have to complete to win that prize. During your first play you will go through a tutorial that will show you how to block shots, steal the ball, dodge a player and even fake a shot. Using these moves effectively will allow you to score the most points and take home the in-game money prize for that court.

Shooting Races

This race is all about speed. You will choose a court and have a set amount of time to make as many shots as possible. You are placed in different positions for each shot so it’s sometimes harder to make a basket. When the timer is up whomever has the most points wins the prize.

Career Mode

In this mode you make your way to the top by winning matches, that can vary on your choice of one on one or the shooting race. Once you reach a certain checkpoint you earn a prize such as gold (another in-game currency) or bags where you can unlock new accessories.

Basketball Stars is available on both the Google Play store and the Apple App store, and it’s free of charge! Our staff at Tech Heavy believe you will enjoy Basketball Stars and found it to be great when playing with your friends or needing something to kill the time. If you have any questions or concerns please drop us a comment below. We would love to learn about any of your favorite apps as well!


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  • I see that it uses facebook, do you have to have a facebook account to play this or is that just for finding friends?

    • No this app does not require you to make an account, it’s mainly used for finding friends.

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