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Written by Kevin is a free service that allows you manage your important notes/tasks between multiple computers and devices is a free service that allows you manage your important notes/tasks between multiple computers and devices. This note taking application has been available for a few years now but recently has been updated with new features and Android/iPhone/iPad support. With these new additions the app is now able to keep your notes and tasks synchronized across your computers and mobile devices (sounds a lot like what Apple is trying to do with iOS 5!). Of course, it is important to know if you are not on a computer with installed you can access your entire account from their website. Some new features worth mentioning include setting deadlines, project tags, adding a start time for a note, deadlines, and the ability to save to the cloud.

To begin using you will need to create an account with them at (it’s free!) Once you have that created go ahead and download the Windows client or the appropriate mobile version if you happen to be on a phone or tablet ( After the application has been installed it will prompt you (like the screenshot below) for your account information.

Now you can add, manage and schedule notes with ease. The Inbox contains all of your current notes/tasks andyou can mark them as complete by checking the checkbox if front of the title. You can also delete a note/task by clicking on it then hitting the delete key on your keyboard.

This app has some features only accessible via the system tray icon, like the Settings menu or the option to do a sync which shares the notes between your computer, online account, and any other mobile device you have Doit installed on.

Within the settings you have the ability to choose the time interval for when syncs will occur, set custom hotkeys, and enabling manual sync. Also, note the box above that has the text “” in it, this is the Quick add bar which can be accessed via the system tray icon. This is for quickly adding new notes and tasks on the fly.

Don’t forget you can manage your items from your browser as well. The web interface is very simple and easy to use, it also gives you the ability to create your own contact list and view notes/tasks by date within a calendar view.

Below is a quick screenshot of how Doit looks on Android and on the iPhone, not going to lie the iPhone interface looks much cooler! is currently free and runs on Windows XPVista7 and Linux. It also offers mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Visit their website here for more details and download links!

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