iOS 5 To Have 1080p HD Video Playback?

Written by Kevin

iOS 5 beta testing reveals 1080p playback on an iPad 2! Another wonderful feature to be included with iOS 5 this fall.

We all knew it would be coming at one point as technology advances but it looks like sooner then later. A feature left out of the keynote has been discovered, iOS 5: 1080p HD video playback! With iOS 5 going to the iPad 2, iPhone 4 and (rumored) Apple TV 2 they should all be able to access this awesome feature.

So why does 1080p playback matter on the small screens like the iPhone? Well, the key is iOS 5′s AirPlay video mirroring feature, which allows you to mirror your device on a TV or monitor. So if the device can do 1080p playback then you will be able to have that displayed on your TV or monitor.

The screenshot above shows 1080p playback on an iPad 2, and was found via, which also went on to say the “playback is very smooth and looks great“ when they were doing their testing.

Now if only iOS 5 was coming out this summer!

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  • I wonder how many people actually hook their iPhones, Androids, & tablets up to their TV’s..I for one have never even used the mini-hdmi port on my Android, I feel like it would be a pain if its hooked up to my TV and then I get a text or a call and have to get up every few minutes. I’ll stick to my media center PC for now.

  • Sorry I’m not really sure what you mean by playback? It sounds amazing, but what can you actually do with it?

  • Hmmm…still figuring out how this will impact the way i use my iPad 2…let see then. Whenever a new feature is introduce on the market people are usually just standing by first to see how it can really be useful for them on a personal level.

    Let us then just be open to innovations and changes…