Watch live NHL games on your Apple TV

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The latest Apple TV update now features NHL Center Ice, which allows you to watch games live and receive all the stats directly from your TV.

Apple TV hasn’t really been in the spotlight of the media since it’s initial launch, and with all the new iPhone talk it doesn’t stand a chance of getting recognized this month. With that being said, I was happy to finally get wind of something with substance regarding the Apple TV, something all of you hockey fans will surely enjoy.

Calling all NHL fans, boot up your Apple TV and run the latest Apple Software update because today is your lucky day. Apple TV, surprisingly, wasn’t left out of the product updates yesterday, it actually received several new features including, the Movie Trailers App, iCloud Photo Stream, the ability to AirPlay Mirror, the Wall Street Journal Live and the NHL Network.

While the iCloud and Airplay features are being covered heavily on most of the Apple blogs out there, I would like to touch on the NHL Center Ice Package addition. This package will allow users who own the Center Ice online subscription to log in and view the games live on a daily basis. You will also receive all the highlights, scores, stats, and more throughout the NHL with this app.

After a bit of research I found that the update is indeed receiving a lot of positive feedback, but of course I stumbled across quite a bit of questions as well. The main concern is the quality of the video since it is streaming and also live. I would recommend that you have a strong internet connection and speed if you want to guarantee superb quality while streaming.

To me this is just nudging me one step closer to tossing out my cable box and cancelling my service. Sports seem to be my only remaining tie to that expensive and aging accommodation. Let’s get some streaming football and I will be completely sold!

Read more about the Apple TV Update directly from Apple

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  • yeah, i agree with you there is no point wasting money on a cable service, all you need is internet and some sort of streaming device like apple tv, that will save you boat loads over a years time