Keep Track Of When New TV Show Episodes Air

Written by Kevin

Get reminded via an email or RSS alert when a new TV show episode is going to be airing.

Let me start off by saying I am the worst when it comes to keeping track of when a new TV show season begins. I remember when I used to keep a post-it note on my monitor reminding me “DEXTER AIRS 10/05”, but that is now in the distant past since I have discovered the MyTVrss service.

I am a big fan of RSS feed’s they are basically my daily newspaper, I read them in the morning when I wake up, at lunch, and while I’m sitting on the couch every night after dinner. MyTVrss offers a service that will alert you via RSS (or e-mail) that your favorite show will be airing that night.

The alert you receive will tell you the episode title, season number, episode number, the air date, network name, and display a link that will direct you to the myTVrss website where you can read more about the upcoming episode (summary, time, etc). The alerts normally go out at midnight, the day of the show, so you will be able to see what shows are on at night right away in the morning when you wake up. These alerts are for new episodes that are premiering and will not alert you for re-runs.

Like what you see? Go ahead and navigate to the myTVrss site and begin setting up your feed. You will be required to select all of the TV shows you wish to receive notifications on from a predetermined list (no account required yay!). Just simply click the check box next to the TV show’s title and once you have them all selected go ahead and click the ‘Create Feed’ button at the bottom of the page.

After your feed has been created you can choose to be alerted via RSS or e-mail, if you wish to go the RSS route simply copy and paste the provided link into your RSS Reader (Google Reader is a good one). I prefer the RSS alerts as I get so much e-mail a day I really don’t need any more contributing to the mess I call a inbox.

Setup myTVrss now!

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