17 Year Old Sells Kidney To Buy iPad 2!

Written by Kevin

It was reported by the Shanghai Daily today that a 17 Year old boy decided to sell one of his kidneys in order to purchase a new iPad 2.

I discovered a pretty hysterical story this morning that was reported by the Shanghai Daily where a 17 Year old boy decided to sell one of his kidneys in order to purchase a new iPad 2. Sounds a bit unreal? That is exactly what I thought at first but later discovered multiple sources verifying its integrity.

ShanghaiDaily has the young teen stating:

“I wanted to buy an iPad 2 but could not afford it, a broker contacted me on the Internet and said he could help me sell one kidney for 20,000 yuan.”

On May 28th the boy  went to the nearby Chenzhou City in a neighboring Hunan Province to have his kidney removed, the operation was arranged by the broker. According to the story the broker paid the teen 20,000 yuan (around $3000 US Dollars) and the operation was done at the famous No. 198 hospital.

When the teenager went home his Mother noticed the new gadget he had obtained with his kidney money and his scar, at that point it is said that she called the authorities.

The article also states:

“The hospital claimed they had no idea about Zheng’s surgery because the department that did the surgery had been contracted to a Fujian businessman.”

This all sounds like very sketchy business to me and is hard to believe something like this occurred.

Below is a video from a local news agency describing the entire incident including photos of the boys scars.

Via Shanghai Daily



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  • That’s totally crazy! I’m not sure if I believe this story or not though – it does sound a bit fishy.

  • Well, I heard he regretted the action coz it affects his health. Not so wise decision of him. I wonder how he got the permission to do the surgery. He is 17 right?

  • At first, I think that it is funny. But when I come to think about it for a lil while longer, I pity him. I can predict that he will sell the IPad to pay for his medical fees.

  • He will see it as a lesson. Great one. What has been done cannot be undone. So think before you act, even if it was for a greater value items or asset. Health is more important for us.

  • Sometimes people bow to their desire before realizing that it is worthless.

  • He’s young. The young ones do no mistakes. Don’t worry. That’s a lesson. I too will do it if I am getting a greater offer.

  • This boy made a big headline in China and the rest of world when his story of selling his kidney for a chance to buy an iPad 2 got syndicated worldwide.

    This story mirrors how young people in China (and even the rest of the world) are coping up with the pressure to get the latest and the best gadget. While I have nothing against technology and innovations, we have to tone down our consumerist culture a bit so as not to lose our dignity as human beings.

    Lesson of the story: Buy only if you can afford it.

  • This story really upsets me because I think in a world run by gadgets and technology we have already forgotten that we are all humans and that no gadget could ever equate the dignity that we must maintain. Young as this boy is, he could just be misguided. He now represents a disturbing trend happening in our society: that idea that we have to have the latest gadget even though we can’t afford it. And while he sold his body part, others are maxing out their credit cards to keep up with those which their friends and co-workers are enjoying. Sometimes we have to pause and really think hard…