Macbook Case That Survives 20ft Falls

Written by Kevin

G-Form drops a Macbook from a 20 foot deck showing off their new laptop protective case.

The Extreme Sleeve by G-Form is your number one heavy duty laptop protector. The soft, flexible, lightweight, water-resistant Extreme Sleeve doesn’t sound like much but the creator proves it can withstand even a 20 foot fall unscathed. G-Form is a reputable brand as they have made sports protection gear for many years including knee pads, elbow pads, etc. They even have a iPad case made from the same material as the Macbook case.

The Extreme Sleeve works great within other bags like a backpack, or suitcase to protect your laptop from any impact.

The Extreme Sleeve is available for 11″, 13″, and 15″ Macbook’s in either yellow or black at the moment.

Check out this video where they drop a Macbook from a 20ft deck:

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  • Great! This is just what I am looking for my Mac. of course, i won’t dare to try the test as conducted on the video. Based on the test, the case can indeed protect the laptop inside as they are using a technology proven the field of sports…I hope I could afford this one.

  • That’s totally wicked! I wouldn’t have the guts to drop my Mac from a far height. What would the maximum height be as they didn’t take long to walk down the stairs though? Just curious as I live in a tall condo…

  • Woah, that’s amazing! I just ordered mine, can’t wait until it comes!