Map Seperate Mouse Buttons For Different Applications

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X-Mouse Button Control is a Windows application that enables remapping the mouse buttons. You can use application specific mappings that can change mouse actions for each application.

Recently we discovered a new Windows application called, X-Mouse Button Control, which allows us to enable remapping of the mouse buttons. With this you are able to use application specific mappings that can change mouse actions for each application. This way you can use the mouse differently for each application that you specify changes for. It can be quite handy with games which do not inherently support the extended mouse buttons.

Simply add a program to the list and change its mouse button gestures according to your needs. For example, you can add a computer game to X-Mouse Button Control and enable right windows scroll with the middle click so that your player keeps moving on the right when you hit the middle mouse button. This can help replace the keyboard hot keys with mouse buttons which can result in easier game play. Nevertheless, it is not just restricted to gamers and you can utilize it for applying different mouse button settings to any application. It supports many functions for replacing the mouse buttons, some of which include, cut, copy, paste, volume control, media player control, email client launch, dragging support, save, restore and flip 3D options. It can also be helpful in launching an associated application with a mouse button e.g. Microsoft Outlook on a middle click along with Microsoft Word to transfer composed data. After launching X-Mouse Button Control, click on ‘Add’ and select an application to assign mouse button functions.

After a program is added to the list, you can assign a mouse function for it. For example, if you often require using a battery intensive app on the go, then you can assign power saving mode of the monitor via the right, left or middle click (when the application is running) to avoid running out of battery time too early. You can edit, remove, copy (functions) and remove an application from the list from the buttons at the bottom of the main interface.

You can configure global hotkeys, make scroll wheel window under cursor, enable bypassing all actions when scroll lock is on, reset sticky buttons, etc from the settings option (accessible from Settings button).

Overall, X-Mouse Button Control is a great app. You can even map the buttons to take a screenshot and copy it to clipboard.

X-Mouse Button Control is currently available on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is also free to use and we suggest donating to the developer if you end up using this program on daily basis!

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