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  • Facebook is awesome. I don’t care what anybody says, it has helped me connect with friends, plan events, and even helped with schoolwork. Now I can just post on fb if asking what the homework was and I get a comment within minutes. i hardly ever forget to do homework now.

  • I guess ya, it is. Remember the news on earthquake where some kids was trapped under the building. Instead of using their phones to call for help, they choose to update their Facebook status. Luckily, someone notice that and they got help.

  • I think we all should be moderate in living our lives. Too much gaming or too much Facebooking or just too much of anything will spoil our lives. It’s nothing wrong with socializing through the net, it’s just the matter of how we use our time for them.

  • Agreed with Yushi, but sometimes new things are addictive. They are made to be addictive to attract more people and advertisers. Can’t always blame the users

  • I always trapped by new things on the internet. A new game. A new website. A new forum. As long as they’re people to communicate with, I’ll be joining 24 7. I guess it’s people who attracts people.

  • It starts to ruin my time for my family as well. Since I am new to this kind of stuffs, my son finds me ignoring him when I forgot to cook because I was playing games on Facebook. Not forget to mention that I am in my early 50’s so, this sickness hits just anyone.

  • Sometimes social media can ruin our relationship too although they supposed to bring us closer. I’ve seen husband and wife argued on their Facebook walls. Everything and anything personal or privacy were leaked. Ended up there’s no turning back for the couple.