How To Turn Off Apple Music’s Auto-Renewing Subscription

Written by Kevin

Enjoy your three month free trial without worrying about getting charged for a service you might not end up even using.

Apple Music is available now on iOS devices for free for the next three months. While it is free now in order for you to begin your 3 month trial you are forced to pick a subscription plan with a auto-renewal option. They are banking on people forgetting to turn this off by the end of the trial.  Well, lets just disable that now:

Disable auto-renew on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad:

  1. Navigate to Settings > iTunes & App Store
  2. Tap on your Apple ID and enter your password
  3. Tap “View Apple ID”
  4. Under the Subscriptions option, tab on “Manage”
  5. Toggle the “Automatic Renewal” option to off

Disable auto-renew from your Mac or PC:

In iTunes on your Mac or PC, click on the icon with your name then navigate to “Account Info.” Go to Settings and within that section select “Manage” on the Subscriptions line. Click “Edit” Apple Music Membership and then click “Off” under Automatic Renewal.

Now go try out Apple Music, and if you really enjoy it you can always come back and turn the auto renewal option back on.

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