TeamSpeak Group Voice Chat Now On Android and iOS

Written by Kevin

TeamSpeak software now enables groups of people to speak with one another over their iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device.

If your a PC gamer I’m sure you’re already well aware that TeamSpeak, a popular cross-platform group voice chat client, is now available for Android, and iOS devices. For those who don’t bury their heads into online games on daily basis, you might be curious on what exactly TeamSpeak is and how it functions. I have primarily used TeamSpeak to talk to my friends while playing together in online games like Counter-Strike Source, or Call of Duty Black Ops, but don’t it’s popularity in the gaming industry make you think the everyday PC user can’t take advantage of it as well.

For example, one could use TeamSpeak with family members and have group discussions or hash out plans for the holidays, all without having to use your cell phone and waste those precious minutes. Whether it be a one-on-one conversation or a group of fifteen, TeamSpeak is an great environment for voice chat.

As of late, TeamSpeak has released it’s new set of apps to allow it’s voice chatting capabilities to go mobile. With the TeamSpeak app for Android and iOS you can keep in constant touch with family, friends, co-workers, or communities over a chat server in real-time. The voice chat is done through a Push-To-Talk button that appears at the bottom of your screen while connected to a server. After giving the apps a try on both operating systems and multiple devices I noticed crystal clear sound quality every time (Note: I was connected to my WiFi when doing my tests but you can use this app via 3G as well)

The app’s are equipped with all of the basic TeamSpeak client features like information regarding the server your connected to, mute capabilities, view/join channels within the server, change your availability status and even the ability to create custom channels. All of the main features can be accessed from within the app and hitting your phone’s menu button.

I especially like the ability to password protect a channel that I am in. This is helpful if you want to have a secure and private conversations between some friends without any interruption.

TeamSpeak is available in the Android Market for free (for now, while it is in Beta status). You will need to be running a device with Android OS 2.2 or higher to use the app. iOS users are stuck paying $4.99 for the app through the App Store!

Download TeamSpeak on Android & Download TeamSpeak on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

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  • Cool! Soon enough, people won’t be paying for their phone calls any more. haha

    • How does this work? I currently don’t use similar apps like Viber or WhatsApp. Do we need data roaming/mobile internet in order to use this or will this feed off the network towers? If we haven’t opened TeamSpeak at the same time, will we get a call just like how normal calls work? Or do we have to open the app in order to receive and send calls?