Hide Offline Friends on Facebook Chat With Chrome and Firefox Extension

Written by Kevin

This extension allows you to hide offline users in the sidebar, hide idle users in the sidebar and hide avatars in the sidebar of Facebook Chat

In my honest opinion the new vertical chat bar Facebook has recently released is a bit of an eyesore, not to mention that it lists both your online friends and offline friends all in one list, with no option to hide your offline buddies. I’m certain Facebook will do something about this in the future but for now we can make due by using Facebook Chat Bully, a Chrome and Firefox extension, which auto hides the obtrusive chat bar as well as removes offline friends from the list. Facebook Chat Bully can even remove your friends profile pictures if you prefer a text only chat list.

In the screenshot below you can see Facebook Chat Bully in action eliminating the offline buddies and profile pictures.

After you have this extension installed, you will need to navigate to your extension page to turn the specific features of Facebook Chat Bully. in whichever browser you’re using from the extension’s options. Below you will see a screenshot of the Chrome extension options.

The Firefox version is practically the same but does have a few extra features like hide the status icon that shows if your friend is online, idle, or offline. You can see the Firefox option panel below.

Facebook Chat Bully is free and is something I consider a must-have for Facebook users, grab it for Chrome or Firefox via this link!

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