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fOrecast 1.3 Is Available For Download

Written by Kevin

Use this utility to determine if your iPod or iPhone can be unlocked or tethered.

Have you ever wondered if your device is jail-breakable or not, IH8snOw has the solution for you. With fOrecast 1.3 you can determine if your iPod or iPhone is tethered or unlockable. It is developed by the brain behind Pwnage Tool and snOwbreeze (two widely popular jailbreak utilities). iH8snOw has now officially released version 1.3 of fOrecast.

fOrecast 1.3 is now available for both Mac and Windows, it also allows you determine the baseband and the bootloader version of your device.

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  • Wh4t 4n int3r3st1ng n4m3! lol Sorry I couldn’t help myself when I saw the name of what f0rcast really was. I am considering buying an iPhone but I thought that it already came with tethering without having to jailbreak it?

  • As someone who has absolutely no idea how to hack, this software really helped with my unlock. I had no idea what baseband was, etc., and this software really helped point me in the right direction. Definately worth downloading if you are new to jailbreaking.

  • i have iphone 8GB with 4.2.1 and wont go in DFU with power and home. Tried to get into DFU and then redsn0W but it got stuck in reboot.

    i dont know if i need to downgrade my os to jailbreak. Could u please help. Sam