Organize Chrome History By Selected Dates

Written by Kevin

History Calendar is a Chrome extension which provides an easy way to organize your browser history, rather then the default scrolling.

Need a better way to sort through your Chrome browser history? History Calendar is a Chrome extension which provides easy arrangement of your browser history via a selected date. This is a great extension as currently your only option within Chrome is to scroll down through a list of dates and times, and you can find yourself scrolling for quite some time.

History Calendar eliminates all of the mouse work and allows you to pick specific days or ranges to view your history.

Once installed History Calendar will appear automatically on your ‘History’ page within Chrome and is managed via it’s built in tabs.

Hopefully, Google has plans to incorporate more features for its History section, in upcoming releases, as it is fairly limited right now.

History Calendar is currently free and you can pick it up via the Google Extension Store here.

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  • This is another addition to the growing list of extensions or plug-ins offered by Google’s Chrome. And this can be very applicable in tracking browsing history. I now notice that chrome seems to be getting serious in challenging the market dominance of Fifefox. We might be seeing soon a real head-to-head battle between these two giant browser. As for me, i am using them both.

  • ooh that looks very handy! google chrome’s apps do seem to be on par with firefox, just like antonette said. it’ll be interesting what happens in the future – community made vs company made – which one do you think will be the victor?