iPad 2 Shipping and In-Store Update

Written by Kevin

Apple has lowered the shipping time-frame for the latest iPad 2, we also have a neat web app if you want to check to see if there is one available in a store near you.

Still patiently waiting around to get a hold of the precious iPad 2? Stores haven’t been replenishing their stock as quickly as we would all like so it might be time to consider ordering online through the Apple Store. As of 4/19 the online shipping estimates for the iPad 2 have decreased down to 1-2 weeks for all models, this includes both colors and all sizes in Wi-Fi, CDMA, and 3G. This is a noteworthy change from the 3-4 weeks that was listed on the site just a week ago. The change in shipping times obviously indicates supply is easing against the demand for the hot tablet.

I know the thought of waiting for 1-2 weeks for your beautiful new piece of technology is torturous, but as many of our readers have pointed out if you don’t live anywhere near an Apple store your luck quickly diminishes. Even Apple Stores have reported to sell out the morning they replenish their stock.

The iPad 2 is now available in many stores like Best Buy, Walmart, AT&T, Verizon,and Target, but let it be known their supply is even less then what an Apple Store receives.

These shipping woes are not just within the United States, but all countries are experiencing the same strain.

Your options

  1. Call your closest Apple, Best Buy, Target, AT&T, Verizon or Walmart store every morning and inquire about their current stock and upcoming availability. Then wake up early and stand in line!
  2. Use the iPad Scanner – Check it out now! This is just a web app that was created with a user-friendly interface to scan Target stores for available iPads.
  3. Order online and tough it out.

Store Locators

Apple Retail Store List – Most reliable place to find the iPad 2 right now, find out when shipments arrive and then be their first thing in the morning the next day.
Best Buy Store Locator – Reports say you can put a $100 deposit down to reserve an iPad from their next shipment.
Target Store Locator – When calling get transferred to the Electronics department right away and save some time.
Walmart Locator – As I mentioned for Target, contact the Electronics department when calling.
Verizon Store Locator
AT&T Locator

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